Above the Clouds

“Success isn’t a result of spontaneous combustion, you must set yourself on fire.”

Arnold H. Glasgow


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The consequences of a failed attempt to enter the US market go beyond wasted time and money.

The damage to your brand can linger and be costly to repair.

As well as offering strategic consulting services and taking care of your administrative needs, our team is extremely well connected with an extensive network of contacts just waiting to be introduced.

We're here to help you get ahead.


  • Our team not only has experience in being service providers to our clients.  We also have years of relevant business experience before we created BABLEAP.  Our network becomes your network.

  • We have close ties to the British American Business Network, an organization with 22 chapters throughout the USA and the UK.

  • We can tap into an immediate (relevant) network that can help with our client’s business activities.  This includes access to some of the best lawyers and accountants with cross boarder experience who are personally known to us within our network who we can consult with should the need arise. 

  • We can help to our clients become investment-ready within the US and make introductions to the local VC community.

  • Access to our network can also lead to business development opportunities for our clients