Before you arrive and when you LAND in the US, BAB-LEAP makes sure you are fully prepared.

There are a lot of things to think about when you decide to set up your business in the US; from securing the correct work visas, to creating a suitable legal entity and applying for state and local business licenses. This process is something you’ll only ever go through once, so leave it to the experts at BAB-LEAP. We save you time and money by making sure you get these things right first time around.

If you need a space to get started, we are also able to provide fully serviced offices, complete with IT infrastructure and support. You can benefit from having our expert advice on hand, and get on with the business of doing business the minute you walk through our door.

To find out more about the services we offer, simply click on the links below;

Initial Services
Office Facilities

What We Don’t Do: Whilst BAB-LEAP are happy to offer advice on whether we think your business is ready for the US market, we do not provide a market validation service. You know your own product and the market you are aiming to exploit best. It is our humble opinion that outsourcing this kind of market research is risky. Likelihood is, you’ll be given the answer you want to hear, with no way of verifying it. If you’re thinking about bringing your products and services to the US, we would advise you to do your own homework.

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