BAB-LEAP offers a full range of services that help your business to EXPAND.

For starters, we relieve you of day-to-day administrative burdens, so that you’re free to focus 100% of your attention on sourcing revenue and growing your business. As you expand and the workload becomes sufficient, we’ll help you scale or hire your own employees to take over.

The BAB-LEAP team has built up years of knowledge and experience. We also have a range of consultancy services available, ensuring that you understand the nuances and avoid the pitfalls of the US market.

To find out more about the services we offer, simply click on the links below;

Ongoing Services 
Consultancy Services 

Did You Know: If you’re thinking about expanding your business geographically, you may be required to obtain a business license and pay tax in any states or localities that you choose to do business in. You might also incur additional obligations as an employer. At BAB LEAP, we can help you identify such requirements from the outset, avoiding any penalties or other nasty surprises later on.

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